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Hi! Welcome to Kemiteko, the portfolio site of Cy Nakpodia where you can check out some of my work, find out about me, listen to some of the music I play while I am working and all my latest shenanigans via the blog tab.

Okay, here it goes...I believe graphic design is an incredibly important part of the world today. Through design, visual communication is used to attract, engage, and persuade the consumer. How the message is laid out, what words are emphasized, which images are used, all create an emotional reaction. I also believe that design could be used in thoughtful and meaningful ways to advance the work of social change and human development.

Design is serious stuff, and unless you have the proper tools and understanding of the craft, the message is either lost or completely misunderstood. For that reason, I passionately believe in strong, clean, dynamic design; though, I don’t shy away from taking risks and approaching projects in new and different ways. I also thoroughly enjoy working in somewhat non-traditional, fun and eclectic environment, with people who love what they do and are thrilled that they are doing it. For me, design is pleasure and the opportunity to be a visual commando looking at design problems and attacking them with design nun-chucks and idea grenades.

I am proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and QuarkXpress, please click here to view my Behance Portfolio page or you can print my brochure portfolio.




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